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Disc Production Line

Automatic Steel Wheel Disc Production line is designed to produce the car wheel discs in automatic way. The production capacity can up to 500 discs per hour. The disc production equipment works in automatic mode without any operator intervention. However, the loading of the coil steel at the beginning of the line needs the human intervention.

This line is capable to produce the discs of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks. The line is consisting of cut to length line and forming / cutting / punching presses. Furthermore, an appropriate tool set and the automation in between the machines are also the parts of the line. The line starts with cut to length line to produce the disc blanks. It transforms the coiled material into straight blanks with a desired length. The first press after the cut to length line is 500 ton hydraulic double action press. This press makes the deep drawing operation. The further presses are making the forming, cutting and punching operations.

Passenger Car Steel Wheel Disc Production Line

There are robotic arms and manipulatrors in between the presses for the movement of the parts. Eventually, all the processes are in a harmony and the line is working without stock. Besides, each press has a separate quick tool change system. Therefore, the change of all the die set is taking only a few minutes.

The disc producing line is capable to produce the passenger car wheel discs with the thickness of 3,2 mm up to 4,5 mm. The line has an automatic lubrication system to lubricate the parts automatically before each operations.

After these five operations, the result is the finally formed wheel disc with the valve hole. A separate equipment is necessary for punching the ventilation holes.

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