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The Hydraulic Flare Press and the special designed Flaring tool set are used for flaring the welded rim on both ends. This process is necessary before starting the rim rolling operation. Firstly, the press moves down vertically after automatic loading. Then, the two halves of the flaring tool fit into the rim as it is pressed. Since the flaring has a somewhat conical shape, the rim is forced outwards as it is pressed. In this manner both ends of the rim expand outwards. During this operation the flaring tool also lubricates the rim. There is a loading and unloading device on the upper tooling half. Therefore, as the ram rises it lifts the part with two rails and loads the new one.

Wheel Flaring Process

The Flare Press is a H-type hydraulic press designed especially for the manufacturing of rims. The press has a fixed bottom table with a vertical moving upper table. The function of the Flare toolset is he flaring of the rings. Therefore, it serves as a universal interface between the rim specific dies and the press tables. We build it a press tool with an upper and lower half. In order to ensure that, both halves properly align a centring ring during the process. A system for product lubrication is also on the upper half of the Flaring die set.

The distance between the rails is adjustable. Thus, it gives an opportunity to machine large range of diameters. We mounted a double action cylinder at the top of the press. This cylinder drives the ram. The press force is adjustable as per the requirements. Furthermore, it has a motorised central grease system and, which reached to all sliding faces. The greasing system enables smooth motion and ensures a longer life-time of the press.

Steel Wheel Rim Flare Press Flaring Process

Steel Wheel Welded Rim Flare Press Technical Drawing
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