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The Hydraulic Expander Press together with the Expanding tool set is used for calibration of the rim after welding and cleaning.

At the beginning of each cycle a rim is pushed automatically between the horizontal parallel bars which are attached to a vertical guiding.  During the downward stroke of the ram the rim hangs on the parallel bars until it touches the lower die after which the parallel bars are lifted up along their vertical guiding.

The two halves of the expander are identical and fit into the rim as the ram is lowered. After the ram is lowered the tool expands outwards and calibrates the rim. As the ram retracts the horizontal bars rise and support the calibrated rim and the rim is automatically unloaded from the press by sliding it on the bars.

During calibration there is no contact between the horizontal parallel bars and the rim.

Steel Wheel Rim Expander Machine Expanding Press

The Hydraulic Expander Press is a H-Type press designed especially for the manufacturing of rims. The press has a fixed bottom table with a vertical moving upper table (ram).

The Expanding tool set is designed for the calibrating of rim on a vertical press. It is built as a press tool with an upper and lower half. Each half is identical. A stopping device on the toolset ensures good positioning of the rim.

The expanding jaws on the tool move radially outwards which is ensured by radial guides. The jaws are stepped hence the complete diameter range can be processed on a single expander toolset. Recentring brackets mounted on the lower jaw ensure that the rim stays on the lower jaw after the calibration. The Expander toolset is also equipped with a centralised grease system which greases all sliding surfaces.

Loading and unloading is done by two horizontal parallel bars that are attached to a vertical guiding. The ram is driven by a double acting hydraulic cylinder mounted at the crown of the press.

The press also has a two hand operation button station to ensure that it is never accidentally turned on.

The press force can be adjusted continuously as per the requirements and it is also equipped with a motorised central grease system connected to all sliding faces to enable smooth motion and ensure a longer life-time of the press.  Furthermore, the lubrication system also supplies the expander tool head with grease as well.

Truck Wheel Rim Expander Tooling Expanding Die Set
Steel Wheel Rim Expander Press Expanding Machine
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