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Steel Wheel Run Out Press Runout Calibration Press


Usually 80 ton 4-Column Hydraulic Press is used for the Runout Reducing Operation. Run Out Reducer Press is double acting press with 800 kN pressing capacity. The robustness and the reliability are being the main design factors of the press.

The steel wheel can have 2 types of runouts: Radial run out and Lateral run out. Radial run-out is where the radius of the tire is not consistent from the wheel midpoint to any point on the wheel rim. Too much radial run-out can cause up and down vibrations, as a result there will be up and down hopping when it spins. Radial run out as well as other wheel and tire malformations can be a cause of bumpy rides and sometimes even collisions. Lateral run-out is the amount of sideways motion or the amount of “wobble” in a wheel or tire as it rotates which feels like dynamic imbalance problem.

Steel Wheel Runout Reducer Press Run Out Calibration Machine

The Run-out reducing operation is also called as steel wheel calibration operation, where the wheel is tested on the press and the possible runout is reduced by the 80 ton pressing power. The run out process is calibrating the wheel and giving the ideal form to it.

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