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Truck Wheel Rim Trimming Planishing Machine


Trimmer Machine

The Trimmer Machine is used to trim the welding remaining on the wheel rims after the butt welding operation. The Trimmer Machine first clamps the welded rim blanks and trims the weld by a set of tools moving outwards. The weld seam trimmed simultaneously on both inner and outer sides of the rims.

The trimmer has a stationary lower horn (directly connected to the main frame) and a movable upper horn. The ring is clamped, when a hydraulically cylinder pushes the upper horn down against the lower horn. Ring stops provide shifting of the ring during trimming operation.

Steel Wheel Rim Trimming Planishing Machine

Planisher Machine

The wheel rim Planisher Machine is used for smoothing the trimmed weld seam. Therefore a hydraulically moved ram with two rollers is guided over the seam and smoothes it. This operation is necessary for getting good results in the rim rolling and the flow forming process. Also the planishing allows faster trimming and adjusting of the trimming knives in the process before.

The Planisher Machine consists of a C-type frame with upper and lower rim holders and clamping devices. The hydraulically moved arm runds between these clamps with its two smoothing rollers on the inside and the outside of the rim. The machine is built from ST 52 steel.

Steel Wheel Rim Planisher Machine
Steel Wheel Rim Trimmer Planisher Operation
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