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Steel Wheel Valve Hole Punching Press

C frame Hydraulic Presses are used for the valve hole punching operations. The valve hole punching press consists of two actions with different pressing capacities. The first action is for flattening (coining) and the second action for punching operations. Additional 10 ton press is used for deburring operation.

The spring table on which the rim is lied during the operation are designed for the adjustments according to different sizes of rim and better guiding. The hydraulic unit for two presses is common.

For valve hole punching operation, profiled and calibrated rims taken by operators from an inclined chute and place on the press spring table with certain integration regarding weld seam. First cylinder moves down and coins the valve hole area by circular form. During under coining force, second press cylinder moves down and punches out the valve hole. Scrap piece drops to the scrap container. Both press cylinders return back to their initial position by sequential way.

In the further step, valve hole deburring press is used for deburring of the valve hole. After placing the rim to the deburring press loading table and oriented by means of valve hole, the press cylinder moves down and compress the both sharp edges around the valve hole by using two conical punches.
This operation prevents the valves from cutting damage and air leakage.

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